Monday, 20 February 2012

Pak Exaggerated Response to Rohrabacher's Resolution

By: Haroon Baloch

Dana Rohrabacher, Californian legislature in House of 
Representative  - United News Pakistan.
Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher introduced a House Concurrent Resolution on February 17th demanding the right of self-determination for Balochi nation. Earlier this month, US House of Representative's sub-committee on foreign affairs oversight and investigated the prevailing situation of Balochistan in view of human rights' violence.

Pakistan responded furiously to the US government on this move of congressman and termed it interference in Pakistan's internal affairs. Newly appointed ambassador to Washington, H.E. Sherry Rehman feared it may lead to further worsening of PakistanUnited States ties.

Balochistan – southwestern province of Pakistan, rich with minerals and other natural resources, is the richest part of the country. Contrary to facts, Balochistan has seen no prosperity during the past 65 years. Since its accession to Pakistan in 1947 Balochistan has witnessed five military operations that aggrieved Baloch nationalists.

Last military operation in 2005 resulted in killing of veteran Baloch nationalist leader, one-time Chief Minister and one-time Governor of the province NawabAkbar Khan Bugti, brought severe consequences. His killing has followed never ending rather deteriorating circumstances of Balochistan where every now and then Baloch nationalists are kidnapped and their bullet-riddled corpses found from various parts of the province.

Baloch nationalists have rejected military presence in the province and some of them are demanding for separate piece of land.

Though circumstances are worse, but this perception is unlikely that whole Balochi nation is demanding for their right of self-determination. To a widely accepted but unauthentic viewpoint they are in few thousands who are challenging the writ of the federation and raising the voice of separation. Annoying leaders are holding their strings from abroad with the support of external forces.

US congressman Rohrabacher’s concurrent resolution in the House in fact is not an effective one and has no legal force behind it. US legislatures in bulk do come up with such concurrent resolutions in both houses, but are not passed.

US House of Representatives - Agencies 
Congressman can only make an opinion about the issues pertaining to foreign policy and defense, can't dictate or formulate policy, US Embassy spokesman here in Islamabad Robert Raines told this correspondent.

"US government respects Pakistan's integrity and sovereignty, and is not in favor of separate Balochistan", said Robert Raines. He further added, "Concurrent resolution moved in the House is Dana Rohrabacher's personal opinion and not the policy of US government."

Most important is the fact in case if the resolution is passed from the House of Representatives, US Senate or any committee it will not affect the US foreign policy because this right solely lies with the US president who is the head of federation.

"President Barack Obama is responsible for the formulation of US foreign policy and there is no change in our foreign policy related Pakistan", the spokesperson said.

Robert Raines, Spokesperson US Embassy - Courtesy Rohi TV

US resolution is an attack on Pakistan's sovereignty and I strongly condemn it, Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani said adding that Balochistan is entirely an internal matter of Pakistan and we'll not allow anyone to interfere in our matters.

Balochistan is absolutely an internal matter of Pakistan, but Pakistani leadership must have to look into its internal matters too. Severe human rights' violation in the Balochistan is the core issue which is disintegrating Baloch nationalists. Baloch leaders are demanding for immediate halt of all military operations being carried out in Balochistan, withdrawal of troops and negotiations with nationalist leaders, which is the realist approach in the way to normalize the Balochistan situation and ending the conflict. 

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